Elena Gallegos Picnic Area

Elena Gallegos Picnic Area

The Elena Gallegos Open Space is the ultimate park. Ruggedly beautiful, accessible, and offering stunning views of Albuquerque Finest landscapes.

Few urban open spaces are as spectacular as Elena Gallegos Picnic Area. First of all, just take in that view! At an elevation of about 6,500 feet, visitors can view Mt. Taylor to the west, the Jemez Mountains to the north and the vast Tijeras Arroyo to the south. You literally have a front and center seating for some of the most dramatic landscapes surrounding Albuquerque.

Elena Gallegos Picnic Area - Albuquerque

You are centrally located among a choice of hiking trails that will allow you to explore what you see. Elena Gallegos Picnic Area is your grand entrance to some of Albuquerque’s most appealing open spaces.

Although this is not a true day trip from Albuquerque (it is within the city limits), it does feel like a day away, and deserves to be explored. A quick right turn from Tramway North brings you to the Elena Gallegos Picnic Area. I usually like to make the trip near sunset to view the colors of the golden hour.

Elena Gallegos Picnic Area, Albuquerque

Honestly, I’ve never had a picnic at the Elena Gallegos Picnic Area (duh) as I have always come with the intent to explore and photograph. What happens here at sunset is amazing. Color paints the landscape in warm tones and hues that are unforgettable. This is simply one of the best places to be to witness sunset in Albuquerque.

Elena Gallegos Picnic Area - Photo 3

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