Golden Crown Panaderia

One of the finest bakeries in Albuquerque also serves delectable New Mexican style pizza and sandwiches.

Albuquerque Good & Cheap RestaurantsThe Golden Crown Panaderia is a local gem that not only supplies baked goods to many of the top hotels and restaurants in Albuquerque, it also offers mouth-watering New Mexican style pizzas, sandwiches and empanadas to a loyal following of locals. Like most top quality eateries in Albuquerque, the Golden Crown is not the fanciest building on the block. However, its modest Adobe walls yield top quality baked goods to go and a cafe known for great pizzas and sandwiches.

Pizza, Golden Crown Panaderia

Golden Crown’s Combination Pizza with Green Chile Crust is to Albuquerque loyals what famed Di Fara Pizzeria is to Brooklyn pizza lovers. So, when in Albuquerque do what the locals do. “Fuhgaddaboutit” and try it New Mexican style at Golden Crown.

Golden Crown Panaderia

Not only does Golden Crown Panaderia have great food, it is a wonderful cultural ambassador for the city of Albuquerque. This is one eatery that should be on your short list during your next visit to Albuquerque.