Natural Light in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque Light

Albuquerque has a wonderful quality of natural light that ranges from sun-splashed days to brilliantly hued sunsets.

Almost daily, one can catch a spectacular sunset with velvety blue, pink, orange or red hues dancing across the sky! The richness of the light is also seen in the warm pinkish hues that paint the Sandia Mountains most evenings, especially in the fall and winter months. And, that marvelous light is ours to enjoy regardless of season. Even overcast or rainy days (which are rare occurrences) can lead to spectacular displays of light come sunset.

Albuquerque Photos: Sunset on the Rio Grande

The photo above shows post-sunset light on the Rio Grande and Bosque in Albuquerque, New Mexico on a late fall evening. The colors are so warm and appealing.

Finally, the photo below shows the golden hues of cottonwood trees in the fall on a crisp day in Tingley Beach (a series of man-made fishing ponds) near downtown Albuquerque. Love that color and light!

I believe that living in the presence of great natural light inspires creativity. Perhaps that’s why the Albuquerque / Santa Fe area has such a vibrant and diverse creative community of artisans, artists and photographers. They are drawn to the light! -All photos by Don Peterson

Albuquerque Photos: Tingley Beach, Fall
Cottonwood Trees in the Fall, Tingley Beach, Albuquerque
Downtown Albuquerque Colors
Colors Seen In Front of Kimo Theatre, Downtown, Albuquerque.
Reels & Wheels, Hiland Theatre, Route 66, Albuquerque
Reels & Wheels, Hiland Theatre, Route 66, Albuquerque
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