Albuquerque Museum Classic Car Show

Albuquerque Museum Car Show

Albuquerque Museum Classic Car Show

Photos of the 2017 Albuquerque Museum Classic Car Show May 21, 2017

The 2017 Albuquerque Museum Car Show was held on May 21, 2017. It was an amazing show! To see more of my photos from the show visit:

This is the car show that starts the custom car season in Albuquerque for me. Loaded with many of the top classic cars in New Mexico, it is the unofficial start to the spring/summer car show season. Lots of nice folks, stunning cars, and blue New Mexico skies. What could be better? See you again next year!

Albuquerque Museum Classic Car Show

Photos of the 2016 Museum Car Show

The Albuquerque Museum (Albuquerque, New Mexico) hosted The Museum Car Show on May 15, 2016, featuring cars from every generation that embraced travel on Route 66. It was sponsored by the New Mexico Council of Car Clubs (NMCCC), which represents over 3000 members throughout the State of New Mexico.

Museum Car Show, Route 66, Albuquerque, NM - Photo #7

The Albuquerque Museum Celebrates Route 66!

The Museum Car Show coincides with a must-see exhibit for any and all Route 66 enthusiasts. This month saw the premiere of Route 66: Radiance, Rust and Revival On The Mother Road at Albuquerque Museum, a special exhibit on the art, history and popular culture of this iconic highway.

Museum Car Show, Route 66, Albuquerque Museum

The Albuquerque Museum is celebrating Route 66 in a big way! Along with the exhibit (and this car show), there are family-friendly events scheduled, including movie nights, a sock hop, and outdoor concerts. Be sure to download their event schedule for more information.

Musuem Car Show, Albuquerque Museum, Route 66, Photo #4

So, How Was The Show?

In a word, wonderful! It was the perfect sunny New Mexico day. The balmy weather and occasional breeze was the perfect compliment to a diverse display of fascinating cars. I shot plenty of photos and more will be added during the week.

Albuquerque Museum Car Show, Route 66, Photo #9

I tend to shoot more abstract compositions that focus on the art, form and color of the vehicles. If you are a car owner who sees a photo of your vehicle that you like, drop me an email and I will send you a copy of the file.

Museum Car Show, Albuquerque, Museum, Route 66 - Photo #5

Just as fascinating as the cars on display are the people behind them. I had a chance to speak to a few proud owners of these historic vehicles and their stories and photos will be added over the next few days.

Museum Car Show Highlights

The people who support Albuquerque’s Route 66 car culture are just as interesting as the cars that define it. Here are some of the interesting folks I met at the Museum Car Show.

Museum Car Show, Route 66, Albuquerque - Photo #8

I met this charming woman who loves the automobile style and design of the 1930’s and was every bit the compliment of her car. She purchased her classic car out-of-state, and during restoration found a note from a former owner of the car in the vehicle. After contacting him, she discovered that her car was originally purchased brand new in New Mexico! Now it has come back home to Albuquerque. Keeping with the 1930’s theme, I converted her photo to a sepia toned black and white image.

Museum Car Show, Albuquerque, Route 66, Photo #10

As appealing as the cars are, having a chance to chat with owners who are more than willing to share their car stories and knowledge makes a pleasant event even more enjoyable. Here is a picture of Dave, the proud owner of a classic turquoise Chrysler Imperial. With only a bit of bumper rechroming left to do, it is nearly fully restored!

Dave, Museum Car Show, Albuquerque, Route 66

The photo below shows Stan (I hope I got the name right, if not, email me!) standing in front of his award-winning Ford El Ranchero. Stan taught himself everything needed to restore his car. The process took him about three years overall. Friendly and knowledgeable car owners like Stan added a welcome human touch this pleasant event.

Stan, Museum Car Show, Albuquerque, Route 66

I will be adding more stories and photos in the coming week so be sure to check back!

Museum Car Show, Albuquerque Museum, Route 66 - Photo 2

A big thanks to The Albuquerque Museum and New Mexico Council of Car Clubs for a great event!  -Don Peterson (The man in the Panama hat).

Museum Car Show, Albuquerque, Route 66, Photo #8

More coming very soon so check back!