Lowriders at the Museum

Lowriders At The Museum

Lowriders are a New Mexico artform. The craftmanship and artistry that goes into these vehicles are amazing to see! Now the art of lowriders is getting its own museum exhibit!

Lowriders - New Mexico History Museum
Lowriders, Hoppers & Hot Rods Exhibit – New Mexico History Museum

A new exhibit has opened at the New Mexico History Museum in Santa Fe celebrating the history and art of lowriders. Lowriders, Hoppers, and Hot Rods: Car Culture of Northern New Mexico, opening May 1 (through March 5, 2017) at the New Mexico History Museum focuses on mobile works of art and their makers—home-grown New Mexicans who customize, detail, paint and upholster these favorite symbols of Hispanic culture. And yes, there will be lowriders on display!

New Mexico History Museum
New Mexico History Museum, Santa Fe Plaza

I had the opportunity to visit this exhibit. It has three excellent examples of New Mexico lowriders on display, and a photo montage on low rider culture. I had hoped for a more extensive multimedia display. Nevertheless, it is an eye-catching exhibit and worth a visit.

New Mexico History Museum

Santa Fe Plaza, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Admission Free on Sunday to New Mexico residents

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